Arch Garrison are

Craig Fortnam (North Sea Radio Orchestra) – guitars, vocals, percussion.

James Larcombe (Stars in Battledress, William D Drake, North Sea Radio Orchestra) - organ, synth, piano.

Having garnered much critical acclaim for his larger scale compositions and songs with North Sea Radio Orchestra Craig Fortnam also writes and performs in singer-songwriter mode, alongside NSRO's James Larcombe on keyboards as  Arch Garrison. 

AG have released two albums; 'King of the Down' (2010) and the latest work 'I Will Be A Pilgrim' (2014)

'I Will be a Pilgrim,
I'll walk and I'll walk
All the day and I'll
Sleep out all night;
I'll never never die!'

'Pilgrim' details Fortnam's attachment to the chalk downland of Southern England; a landscape criss-crossed with ancient trackways, droves and green lanes, and dotted with Neolithic mounds and barrows, evidence of the Great Stone Culture – all calling him to pull on his walking boots, whistle for the dogs and hit the road, to undertake a pilgrimage to nowhere. He walks the ancient paths as an act of connecting to something intangible but present in the marks left by man, be they burial mounds or pylons – it's all the same really - all grist to the songwriting mill - walk walk hum sing walk.....