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Arch Garrison are

Craig Fortnam (North Sea Radio Orchestra) – guitars, vocals, percussion.

James Larcombe (Stars in Battledress, William D Drake, North Sea Radio Orchestra) - organ, synth, piano.

Having garnered much critical acclaim for his larger scale compositions and songs with North Sea Radio Orchestra Craig Fortnam also writes and performs in singer-songwriter mode, alongside NSRO's James Larcombe on keyboards as  Arch Garrison. 

AG have released two albums; 'King of the Down' (2010) and the latest work 'I Will Be A Pilgrim' (2014)

'I Will be a Pilgrim,
I'll walk and I'll walk
All the day and I'll
Sleep out all night;
I'll never never die!'

'Pilgrim' details Fortnam's attachment to the chalk downland of Southern England; a landscape criss-crossed with ancient trackways, droves and green lanes, and dotted with Neolithic mounds and barrows, evidence of the Great Stone Culture – all calling him to pull on his walking boots, whistle for the dogs and hit the road, to undertake a pilgrimage to nowhere. He walks the ancient paths as an act of connecting to something intangible but present in the marks left by man, be they burial mounds or pylons – it's all the same really - all grist to the songwriting mill - walk walk hum sing walk.....

[quote via="The Quietus"]Arch Garrison prove that less can be more, and that our limitations are often the very things that set us free.


The Bitter Lay will be release on 18th Sept 2020

It can be preordered from 7 August 2020 on our Bandcamp page




Dec 11th 'Winter Warmer' at the Sunfold Hotel, Weston-Super-Mare

Arch Garrison, We Are Muffy, Emily Jones, Steven Morricone


Dec 12th 'Weirdshire' at the Babar Cafe, Hereford

Arch Garrison, Emily Jones, Libbertine Vale


Dec 13th The Vault, Hexham

Arch Garrison, Emily Jones


Dec 14th 'Buds And Spawn' at the Dorothy Pax, Sheffield

Arch Garrison, Emily Jones, Little Robots


Dec 15th The Library, Oxford

Arch Garrison, Emily Jones, Berlin Horse


Dec 16th The Harrison, London

Arch Garrison, Emily Jones, Chloe Herington


Dec 17th The Winchester Gate, Salisbury
Ian A. Anderson, Arch Garrison, Emily Jones, Pete Aves